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Experience The Treatment

The Royal Treatment Package
April 4, 2013

Experience The Treatment

My passion for the “Spa” goes well beyond just the services, For me it is always about the experience and level of service each client has during a treatment.

I want people to truly escape during the time they are with us.  Of course,  pampering and well being is at the core, but the experience is our brand, and also the very reason Avantika was created.

It was never as simple as open a Spa, and offer every treatment under the sun!  Rush people in and out of the doors, hitting some crazy quota, and never caring about the client nor the service.   I will never understand how “Spa Services” or “the Spa” turned into a turnstile door literally!


At Avantika, We pride ourselves in slowing things down, and taking time to complete all of the details for you, and most of of all making your experience a beautiful one.
Each Client can expect that their Spa/skin therapist will meet and exceed their every wish, ensuring that their experience at Avantika will always be perfect.
I am very excited to introduce some of the most beautiful and relaxing elements of cultures from around the world inter mingled with a western flare.  Making our skin treatment experience nothing short of amazing,  with a guaranteed result.   
We are always about bringing quality and experience to every treatment & completing them exceptionally well.
Therefore we are proud to bring to you, the best products, the best service, and most of all an amazing experience!
We welcome you with open arms to indulge in a true spa experience.
Warm regards,

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