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PreCleanse Love

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PreCleanse Love

I swear by pre cleansers. I love them. The look, the feel, and the way the make up melts off with minimal work. They’re fabulous. The first dermalogica product I purchased was the PreCleanse, and this ones a game changer. It’s double duty, use it as oil cleansing, and by adding water PreCleanse turns into a milky emulsion.

Some benefits to precleansing:
-helps with oily skin conditions by balancing out the sebum (oil) that your skin naturally produces.
-by balancing the sebum production, your skin will be able to maintain its optimum oil levels.
-Gives a deeper clean than using cleanser alone, allowing your skin to get all of the benefits of your cleanser.

The dermalogica pre cleanse is double duty. It gives an even deeper clean when you add some water to the mix. Because pre cleanse is hydrophilic (water loving), it lathers into a creamy lotion type consistency.

How do You Precleanse?!

1. Dispense a pea size amount into dry hands.
2. Massage over face and eyes. Concentrate on areas of congestion.
3. Add some water. Continue massaging. Pre Cleanse will turn into a milky emulsion.
4. Rinse it off with some lukewarm water.
5. Follow up with your nightly skin care routine and voila! Beautiful glowing skin will be yours in no time!

Thank you & best regards your,
Skincare Specialist
Kelly Wotherspoon @ Avantika Spa

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